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12th August 2022 

About Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy creates a space in which to explore our lives. The quality of the psychotherapeutic relationship is very important - we are often wounded in relationship and therefore, I believe, there exists an opportunity to be healed through relationship. In fact, much of the contemporary research into psychotherapy points to this. And therapy is never one sided in my view. We are in this together.
Therapeutic help is about being given and taking a space to explore not only problems or difficulties but also creativity and soulful journeying. Those last two are important - psychotherapy isn't just about symptom reduction but also growth promoting.
Some of our blocks and difficulties can be traced to childhood difficulties; others through the challenge of life transitions such as career moves, children leaving home, and the old trio of births, deaths and marriages. In fact any unexpected life changing event creates a state of uncertainty, something that we generally don't take easily to. As human beings we are also part of a bigger whole - events happening in the world impact on how we understand ourselves and make meaning out of life. There is also profound inequality and social injustice, all of which reduces our wellbeing and heightens our sense of mental ill health. We now understand much more about the impact of trauma and how it is experienced and equally, some useful ways to guide ourselves through.
In my experience, people seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons including the following:

Relationship difficulties
Repetitive negative behaviours
Loss of direction in life
Feelings of being an outsider
Yearning or lack of fulfilment
Blocks to creativity
Bereavement and loss

Simply sharing your situation with a skilled listener can lead to a deeper experience and understanding of your inner life. I always invite people to seek out good caring others if that's possible.
Having been in the field for many years, nowadays, my work is a synthesis of various models that have made sense to me throughout the years and stood the test of time. The transpersonal approach I have is integrative and depth orientated You can read more on that in the About Me page. In the following rather old video I give a very brief description of transpersonal psychology.

Additionally, I also offer an opportunity to work with sand trays.