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25th January 2022 
Healing Mandalas. sand mandala

Healing Mandalas

Mandalas are found in nature and in the art of all cultures – rose windows in medieval cathedrals, Tibetan sandpaintings and painted mandalas, Hindu Yantra, Navajo sand paintings and Islamic sacred geometry. Each of the images are a meditation, and a way of coming home to your self and your healing potential.
In 2006 I was lucky enough to meet and work with Dr Judith Cornell. Judith has developed workshops and books and materials which support inner and spiritual growth. I have found the work to be a powerful way to reconnect with a sense of self and also to create an inner space of stillness.
I work with both individuals and groups. In particular I have used the work to engage with people living with life threatening illness.

Below is a you tube video of a mandala project which ran over several months in 2008.

Adrienne Seeds blog site captured the whole process.